Silent Medical Air Compressor

Lifetex India makes ‘Silent Medical Air Compressors’. One of the key applications of the product is to serve as the source of air for medical ventilators and anesthesia machines.

The medical air compressors are used as source of air for medical ventilators and anesthesia machines. The compressors from LifetexTM are portable, ideal for bedside use and available in two variants:
  • Life Air 100 series – Basic model with air cooled system
  • Life Air 200 series – Advanced model with peltier cooled system
medical air compressor
As compressor being one of the important sources of power for such critical equipments, we understand how reliable it must be. We are focused to build a good medical air compressor which is silent for bedside use, vibration-free to give maximum comfort and delivers dry air that protects the pneumatic and electronic modules downstream.
Salient Features
Compact in size
Can be customized to customer requirements
Clean Air Recirculation
Improved air quality and less maintenance
Rust-free design
GI body and stainless steel fasteners used to prevent corrosion.
Weld-free design
Consistent accuracy in dimensions and less lead time for product delivery.
Clinch fastening
Ease of service and maintenance.
Fewer components
Systematically placed for ease of assembly and service.
Independent top Cover
Flexible to suit customers' aesthetic needs.
medical air compressor